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Arcadia LumenIZE

Arcadia Lumenize introduces a groundbreaking lighting product set to revolutionise reptile care. This innovative solution offers advanced lighting technology, enhancing the well-being and habitat of reptiles through meticulously designed, energy-efficient lighting.
Web Design

Project Brief

Our objective with Arcadia LumenIZE was to create a digital experience that effectively communicates the unique value and advanced features of their reptile lighting systems. The focus was on illustrating the technological sophistication and user-friendly design of the LumenIZE range, emphasizing its role in promoting animal welfare and enhancing user experience.

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Discover at a Glance

The Arcadia LumenIZE website introduces an engaging learning experience with its ‘Discover at a Glance’ hover tooltip feature. By hovering over elements beside a phone image showcasing the app, users unlock a world of information, making the exploration of the app’s capabilities both interactive and insightful.

Daylight at Your Fingertips

The ‘Daylight at Your Fingertips’ map animation on the website brings to life the concept of global daylight tracking. Users can hover over a custom map to reveal animated circles that depict daylight hours in various countries, visually communicating the adaptability and global relevance of the LumenIZE products.

Visual Symphony

Each webpage of Arcadia LumenIZE is crowned with a ‘Visual Symphony’ video header, weaving a tapestry of motion and storytelling. These video headers provide a window into the world of LumenIZE, illustrating its practicality and advantages, and enhancing the narrative flow with engaging visual storytelling.

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