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Rendalls Competitions

Rendalls Competitions offers an exciting platform for exclusive competitions, featuring an array of spectacular prizes. This website is the go-to destination for anyone looking to participate in contests with the chance to win big in a fun and engaging way.
Web Design

Project Brief

Rendalls Competitions had a clear vision: a digital playground for raffle enthusiasts, filled with tantalizing prizes and seamless participation processes. They needed a platform where users could easily browse available prizes, purchase tickets at will, and even indulge in a ‘lucky dip’ option. Moreover, to ensure compliance with legal mandates, an integrated question mechanism was essential before any entry. Additionally, the platform was to keep participants on their toes with countdown timers and provide prompt results notifications.

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A Gallery of Temptations

The platform vividly displays an array of prizes, allowing users to explore and choose according to their preferences. Every prize is accompanied by detailed information, ensuring participants are well-informed about what they’re vying for.

Compliance with a Twist

Recognizing the importance of legal adherence in raffle competitions, we’ve seamlessly embedded a question mechanism. This ensures that while participants enjoy the raffle, they also meet the necessary entry requirements.

The Pulse of Anticipation

Each competition is paired with a countdown timer, amplifying the suspense and excitement. And as the timer hits zero, our system swiftly compiles results, notifying every participant via email, ensuring they’re always in the loop, win or lose.

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