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The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers (WCHCD) stands as a historic institution in London, representing the esteemed taxi trade. As one of the city’s venerable Worshipful Companies, it upholds a rich heritage while actively supporting and advocating for the interests of the taxi industry.
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Project Brief

The WCHCD wanted a digital platform that mirrors their rich legacy while also embracing the modernity of today’s age. They envisioned a space where both members and curious visitors could delve into the world of The WCHCD, keeping abreast of upcoming events and the company’s endeavours. Further, they sought to cultivate a private social haven for their members and desired dedicated sections for each of the company’s councils, highlighting their individual responsibilities and activities.

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Dive into the Legacy of The WCHCD

Our platform serves as a window into the illustrious world of The WCHCD. Users can navigate through pages rich with information, getting acquainted with the company’s history, its current endeavors, and the vibrant events on the horizon.

A Digital Fireside for Stories & Camaraderie

For members of The WCHCD, our website offers more than just information; it provides a private digital realm where they can connect, share, and reminisce. Be it a memorable photo from a recent event or a tale from yesteryears, this space ensures every memory finds its rightful place.

Spotlighting the Pillars of The WCHCD

Recognizing the pivotal role each council plays in the tapestry of The WCHCD, we’ve crafted dedicated sections for them. These spaces not only highlight the distinct responsibilities of each council but also celebrate their contributions, ensuring every facet of The WCHCD shines brightly.

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