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UK Worksafe

UK WorkSafe is at the forefront of enhancing workplace safety, offering a comprehensive range of products including alcohol and drug testing kits, and lateral flow tests. Their solutions are designed to ensure a safer, healthier work environment, fostering well-being and compliance across various industries.
Web Design

Project Brief

For UK Worksafe, the objective was to rejuvenate their existing website to better represent their specialised range of health and safety products, including drug and alcohol tests, lateral flow tests, gloves, and disinfectants. The customer’s request centred around creating an updated, more accessible website that would accurately showcase their comprehensive product line. Key features requested included the integration of variable product options for a customised shopping experience, a VAT switcher for ease of business transactions, and the addition of intuitive custom calculations on product UI cards. This overhaul aimed to enhance the overall user experience, catering to the diverse needs of their business clientele.

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Tailored Choices

UK Worksafe’s website introduces ‘Tailored Choices’, a feature offering variable product options like pack size and colour, depending on the product attributes. This functionality allows users to customise their selections based on specific requirements, enhancing the shopping experience with personalized options that cater to diverse needs.

Business-Focused Pricing

Recognising the needs of its predominantly business-oriented clientele, UK Worksafe has implemented a ‘Business-Focused Pricing’ VAT switcher. This ingenious tool enables businesses to view prices with or without VAT, facilitating a more transparent and convenient purchasing process. It’s a thoughtful addition that underscores the website’s commitment to catering to the unique needs of business customers.

Effortless Insight

On the product display, ‘Effortless Insight’ is provided through custom calculations presented on each product’s UI card. This feature displays essential information like price per pack or test, enabling customers to quickly compare and assess product value at a glance, thereby enhancing the ease and efficiency of their shopping experience.

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